Property Management Services


Mission Statement: We are dedicated to managing your property as if it were our own. We will provide you with every facet of your property management needs in the most effective and hassle free manner. Our knowledgeable management team will guide and advise you, so you can feel confident about the decisions you make managing your property!


We have managed everything from commercial and residential condominiums, single and multi-family homes, vacation rentals, retail shopping centers as well as mixed use and industrial properties. We’ve also served on a variety of residential and public boards that deal directly with the management, development and operational aspects of a wide variety of real estate projects.

Financial Management:

We offer a complete accounting solution for the property owner. Our bookkeeping and accounting software allows us to record all income and expense information and provide the owner with all transactional information that includes general ledger, trial balance and profit and loss statements. Once reviewed for accuracy, the property owner can simply provide these documents to their tax preparer for the completion of their income tax return.

 Leasing Services:

We will use our extensive leasing experience to help you secure the right tenant(s) for your property.

Whether you seek residential or commercial tenant’s, the process of finding, screening and executing the right agreements is critical to making sure that you have a steady and secure stream of income. It is also a key factor in insuring that your tenant will abide by the lease terms and conditions and not be a problem for other tenants occupying the same property.

 Tenant Oversight:

The main objective of our tenant oversight is to make certain all the rules and regulations of the lease terms and conditions are implemented and followed. Our rapid response and attention to tenant concerns for property maintenance and repairs helps keep the tenant/landlord relationship on a professional level.

This provides the platform for payment of rent as required and puts the tenant on notice that we will not tolerate any excuse to withhold rent or allow them to disturb the peace and quiet of the surrounding tenants. Nor does it allow the tenant to abuse the property in any way that they think may go unnoticed.

  Property Maintenance:

Property maintenance should be a proactive activity. However, property owners often find themselves in a reactionary state of mind. This reactionary process often results in increased repair and maintenance costs, tenant dissatisfaction and a feeling of financial uncertainty and instability. Being proactive and anticipating the need for repairs or replacement of major property components is important to preserving the property’s value and insuring that the tenant experience will contribute to their overall satisfaction during the lease term. This intern provides the stage for a continuous and predictable return on investment for the property owner.

We have a wide variety of reputable contractors at our disposal that insure you pay a fair price for the services and materials being provided. These are companies that have the expertise to get the job down properly and quickly once they have determined the cause and solution of the issue they are dealing with. These are contractors we rely on to service properties we own as well. They are licensed and insured and know that we expect the highest possible level of service and job satisfaction when they are asked to respond to the needs of our property management clients. 

Services include:

•  Tenant search
•  Tenant screenings
•  Financial management
•  Lease negotiations
•  Resolution of tenant and property issues
•  Repair and improvement contracting
•  General maintenance contracting
•  Insurance coverage review
•  Building code compliance assessment
•  24-Hour on-call service
•  Customized management service agreements